Calf 7 Capsules

Given at birth to every calf
Designed to increase disease resistance and strengthen the immune system

•Contains 4 sources of probiotics & 2 sources of enzymes
•Helps to establish a healthy intestinal microflora
•Cost effective and can reduce medical costs over time
•A source of live naturally occurring microorganisms
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costro lac bolus Crypto Relief
Calf 7 Capsule

Costro Lac Powder

Can be used to limit disease outbreaks at your dairy
Contains 6 strains of probiotics, vitamins & trace mineral supplement
--Encourages appetite & promotes a healthy gut microflora

•For added boost to -- whole milk or milk replacer
•Replaces any need for Vitamins A, D3, E or C supplements
•Use after colostrum, for 3 to 7 feedings.
•Improves health where scours is a problem
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Costro Lac Powder

Tangelene Colostrum

Colostrum Replacer for Dairy Calves Day 1
Use on every dairy calf as soon after birth as possible, prevent the spread of diseases or use when inadequate or with poor quality of colostrum is suspected

•Provides calves 100+ grams of Globulin Proteins within the 1st vital hours
•Ph adjusted to discourage scours
•Reduces medical costs, morbidity & mortality rates
•Formulated for dairies, mixes in milk, water or colostrum
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Tangelene Colostrum 100 Supplement

Probiotic 512 Titger Paste

Helps to balance intestinal microflora when an animal goes off feed
Especially valuable at birth and after drug treatment

•Increases calf's desire to eat
•No Withdrawal Time - Repeat when needed
•Use 5 grams at birth & 7.5 grams for recovering cattle
•Cows at freshening should receive 15 grams
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Probiotic 512 Titger Paste


Egg Immune Factors
Designed specifically for use during times of stress

•Provides immune boost from egg solids, colostrum, & probiotics.
•Designed to be added to feed rations: 100 gm. / ton of feed
•Not a treatment or medicine, works naturally to strengthen response
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Crypto Relief Crypto Relief

Ruminant Energy Plus

A concentrated high energy oral drench
Boosts energy & glucose levels naturally for calves and cows

•Provides a quick source of energy for weak or smaller calves
•Keeps cow’s energy levels up to help her recover from calving.
•Use 2 oz. per 100 lbs. of body weight. Repeat in 24 hrs. if needed.
•Product made with colostrum containing min 60% fat (for energy)
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Ruminant Energy Plus Crypto Relief
Ruminant Energy Plus

Zyesta Plus

Multi-Purpose feed enhancer for the digestion of plant matter
Improves digestion of plant matter and nutrient absorption

•Best suited for stress recovery, improved immune system response & enhanced activity of rumen microflora especially in calves
•Contains enzymes and yeast to help maintain healthy gut functions
•Customers report increased feed conversion
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Zyesta Plus


Improves weight gains with calves that suffer from Crypto
As yearlings, calves with Crypto typically weigh 20 to 200 pounds less than healthy calves

•All natural. No withdraw.
•For farms with a history of scours.
•Helps calves to maintain appetite during and after looseness has returned to normal
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Crypto Relief Crypto Relief


Surelife is a leading scour product
Firms up looseness caused by scours

•Replenishes electrolytes and helps prevent dehydration
•Maintains an animal's appetite and hydration
•Designed to provide a complete reduced nutritional feeding
•If given at the first sign of scours it may be all you'll need
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Surelife W/S

Bovine 26 Capsules

Provides Supportive Measures for Freshening Cows
Preventive Care that helps avoid health problems down the road

•Give 1 capsule 30 days prior & 1 capsule the day of freshening
•No Medication - No withdrawal time
•Combination of enzymes and probiotics
•Contains 10 Billion colony forming units per capsule
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26ml dairy capsule Crypto Relief
Bovine 26 Capsule

Di-Yes-Ta Concentrate

Our best product for improved feed conversion & milk gain
Cuprem's most complete feed additive, formulated primarily for performance

•Usage:100- 200 grams per ton of feed
•None better for ruminants at any price
•Naturally boost animal health, and lower medical costs
•No other additive needed, works best on dairies with low Somatic Cell Count
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Crypto Relief Crypto Relief
Di-yes-ta Concentrate

Gold Label Whey

Grade A Liquid Colostrum Whey
A natural product designed to reduce instances of Mastitis in dairy cows. A great product for dairies looking for a natural alternative for their dairy herds.

•Gives added protection to the immune system
•Lowers medications costs- All-Natural with No Withdrawal Time
•Administered orally give 40mL -may repeat as needed
•This product is not a drug and should be used for its globulin protein only
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natural dairy mastitis Crypto Relief
Gold Label Whey

Rapid Rumen Factors

Helps cattle that have stopped eating regain their appetite
Restores a normal pH level in the stomach, then reintroduces live (viable) microorganisms in the stomach, lastly contains a food supply to help them survive & multiply

•Enzymes encourage easy digestion
•Users report a need for fewer drugs & a short recovery time
•Contains prebiotics, probiotics, multivitamins & trace minerals
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Rapid Rumen Factors

Somatic 10G

Cuprem's Top Selling Dairy Product 40 Years Running!
Helps to lower Somatic Cell Count for the entire herd

•Increases Milk Production & Feed Conversion
•Feed Continually- Naturally fights infections that raise Somatic Cell Count
•1 lb. per 45 Cows per day
••Results often seen in, as early as 45 to 90 Days
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natural herd defense Crypto Relief
Somatic 10G